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A craft beer brand begins with a story. It’s who you are and what makes you unique. But how do you go about sharing that story? How do you successfully market your brand?

That’s why we created Support Local Craft— as an example of how to share your brand’s story. It features a full merchandise line, complete with glassware, gift boxes, shirts, hoodies and promotional items. But it goes beyond simply product. It’s about solutions. The Support Local Craft brand combines quality custom products, strong creative design, effective retail display strategies, value-adding Finishing services and an intuitive eCommerce experience for a complete marketing strategy.

Start with branded glassware and make a direct connection between your beer, your brand and your patrons. Once you’ve earned loyal fans, let them promote your brand for you with custom apparel. With growth, you’ll get involved with industry events and even begin hosting your own events. You’ll want promotional items to hand out to garner lasting interest with new fans and industry partners. As your brand grows to include a larger merchandise selection and expanded beer line, you may need creative guidance to scale your branding across new products.

Once you’ve developed and refined your brand and your merchandise, the next step is to get it in the hands of your fans. A user-friendly retail space makes buying your gear a fun and easy experience. Finished products that have custom packaging or tags are a great complement to further improve that space. A customized eCommerce website allows you to reach fans well beyond your physical location, boosting merchandise sales and interest in your brand even more.

But that’s enough of telling you what to do. It’s time to show.

Browse our website and experience how easy to use our eCommerce platform is, and how we’ve customized it to fit the Support Local Craft brand. Peruse our retail space right here at CBC and see how all the products come together into cohesive brand store.

From the first day you craft your brand and its story, to scaling it to a full lineup of glassware, apparel, promotional items, custom packaging and creative branding, you can see how a strong retail display and eCommerce website bring it all together.

That’s what Support Local Craft is all about.


We live in a time where social media engagement is a regular part of many lives— especially the craft beer drinker’s. Just hop on Instagram or Facebook and it’s quite easy to find photos of full (and partially drank) glasses of craft beer. As a brewer or representative of a craft brewery, isn’t it awesome to see your beer brand on those glasses, where the rest of the masses can bear witness to its greatness?


Glassware is a necessary element of a pub or tasting room. Without it, serving customers beer gets pretty complicated. But what about a brand? What is your brewery without a brand? Your brand is a way your customers can connect with you, a way they identify you. Printed glassware allows them to make that connection with you, and with the rest of the world. It’s something they can photograph and sprinkle over the Internet for the world to see.


When you think of glassware as overhead, the less you spend on it, the better. Right? But think of glassware as more than that. By branding your glassware, you transform every glass into a marketing asset  that will make a long lasting impression. The glass becomes part of your brand experience, not simply a vessel to drink from. That’s why branded is better.


An evolving list of major craft beverage events, festivals and expos.
Support local!

Texas Craft Brewers Guild Meeting
February 10-12

San Francisco Beer Week
February 10-19

Kansas Craft Brewers Expo: Lawrence, KS
March 4

Coffee Fest: Nashville
March 17-19

Collaboration Fest: Denver
March 25

Colorado Craft Brewers Festival
March 25 – April 1

Craft Brewers Conference: Washington, D.C.
April 10-13

SCAA: Seattle
April 20-23

American Craft Beer Week
May 15-21

Savor: Washington, D.C.
June 2-3

Coffee Fest: Chicago
June 9-11

National Homebrewers Conference: Minneapolis
June 15-17

Boulevardia: Kansas City
June 16-18

BrewHoff: Overland Park, KS

Great American Beer Festival: Denver
October 5-7

NBWA Convention: Las Vegas
October 8-11

Coffee Fest: Portland
October 13-15